GEA is a world leader in the supply of equipment and project management for a wide range of processing industries. Its technology and services focus on components and manufacturing solutions for various markets, particularly in the Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical sectors. The company employs more than 18,200 people worldwide.

Portfolio value 09/30/2023
Net dividend 12/31/2022
Investment case

The Processing Equipment sectors in which GEA is present combine favorable long-term trends with consolidation opportunities:

  • Growing Food & Beverage end markets
  • Pharmaceutical end markets driven by ageing population and increasing health awareness
  • Continuing focus on safety and quality in both Food & Beverages and Pharmaceuticals
  • Greater interest in energy-efficient automation 
  • Fragmented market with smaller specialty players

GEA offers significant upside potential:

  • #1 or #2 positions in most of its markets
  • Unique technology, know-how, innovation (e.g. in "new food") and ESG leadership
  • Proven management team focusing on accelerating organic growth and improving profitability
  • Solid cash generation and balance sheet
  • Well positioned to seize consolidation opportunities
  • Supervisory Board 1/12*
  • Presiding and Sustainability Committee 1/4*
  • Nomination Committee 1/3*
  • Supervisory Board Presiding and Sustainability Committee Nomination Committee