Since its inception in 1967 as a small-sized Spanish operator, Parques Reunidos has become one of the leading operators of leisure parks in Europe and the US, through organic growth and multiple acquisitions, including Bobbejaanland (Belgium, 2004), Mirabilandia (Italy, 2006), Warner (Spain, 2007), Palace Entertainment (US, 2007), Tropical Islands (Germany, 2018) and Adventureland (US, 2021). The company operates amusement, animal and water parks through a portfolio of regional and local parks, which have strong local brands.

Portfolio value 03/31/2024
Investment case

The local and regional leisure park market benefits from structural factors, including:

  • Appeal of experience
  • “Staycation” (1) effect providing resilience during downturns
  • High industry fragmentation with build-up potential

Parques Reunidos is uniquely positioned:

  • Large and well-diversified portfolio of parks in multiple countries with well-known local brands
  • Multiple avenues of organic and external growth, and operational improvements
  • Strong M&A track record with the ability to transfer best practices to newly-acquired parks

(1) A holiday spent in one’s home country or at home and involving day trips to local attractions

  • Board of Directors 1/9*
  • Audit Committee 1/4*