Since its inception in 1975, Pernod Ricard has built up the most premium portfolio in the industry and has become the world’s number two player in the Wine & Spirits market through organic growth as well as transformational and tuck-in acquisitions. The portfolio includes strategic international and local brands along with specialty brands that the group produces and distributes through its own worldwide distribution network. 

Portfolio value 09/30/2023
Net dividend 12/31/2022
Investment case

The spirits market is supported by favorable long-term trends, in particular:

  • An expanding urban population, especially in emerging markets
  • Growing market share at the expense of beer
  • Premiumization by consumers

Pernod Ricard has a steady and diversified growth and profitability profile:

  • Number two player worldwide with one of the industry’s most complete brand portfolios
  • Systematic trading up thanks to its superior-quality and innovative products
  • Numerous high potential brands, including from recent compelling acquisitions
  • Leading positions in categories such as cognac, whisky and rum
  • Unique geographical exposure with twin-engines of growth in China and India

After several years of focus on deleveraging, Pernod Ricard has increased its shareholder returns through an increased payout ratio and a share buyback program.

  • Board of Directors 1/14*
  • Strategic Committee 1/6*
  • Compensation Committee 1/4*
  • Board of Directors Strategic Committee Compensation Committee