Umicore is focused on application fields where its expertise in materials science, chemistry and metallurgy is widely recognized. 

Portfolio value 09/30/2023
Net dividend 12/31/2022
Investment case

Umicore operates in industries with high barriers to entry, underpinned by favorable long-term trends: (i) automotive (electric vehicles, battery recycling, catalysts for combustion engines) and (ii) precious metals' recycling:

  • Mobility transformation and vehicle electrification
  • Global focus on improving air quality and more stringent emission controls
  • Resource scarcity and battery recycling

Within these fields, Umicore is a world leader, leveraging the following key strengths:

  • Solid know-how with pioneering technologies and world-class processes
  • High-quality and increasingly diversified global production footprint
  • Recognized ESG-leadership, including responsible sourcing of precious metals
  • Audit Committee 1/4*
  • Board of Directors 2/10*
  • Remuneration and Nomination Committee 1/5*