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Medewerkers (voltijdsequivalent)
Nationaliteiten uit Europa en Amerika

Onze waarden en cultuur liggen aan het hart van onze beslissingen


Wat onze medewerkers te vertellen hebben…

A strong corporate culture, shared by all, is one of the keys to long-term success. As Head of Human Resources, I am particularly proud that our employees live our values day in and day out and that they are our first ambassadors, personifying integrity, teamwork, excellence and accountability & courage. This creates an environment where collective commitment and individual development can perfectly combine.

Yves Croonenberghs
Head of Human Resources

I am honored to be part of a company with a strong commitment to excellence and a multigenerational vision that are used to make a positive impact on civil society. Through our sponsorship program GBL ACT, we actively support over 40 projects in the fields of education, healthcare & scientific research, social impact and the environment with the objective of building a better world for future generations.

Priscilla Maters
Chief Legal Officer and General Secretary

As an Investment Partner at GBL, I oversee private companies specializing in diagnostic imaging, cancer care, ophthalmology and other outpatient healthcare services. Alongside our portfolio companies, we are dedicated to leading on innovation and patient experience. Our efforts have not only created value, but have also extended access to relevant diagnosis and treatments, making a positive impact on the healthcare sector as a whole. I'm proud to represent GBL on this visionary mission.

Michal Chalaczkiewicz
Investment Partner

I came to GBL looking for new experiences and challenges. The conducive environment and the relationships I have built, both with colleagues and superiors, make each day enjoyable. I am happy to say that it has been a rewarding journey.

Lydia Papaioannou
Finance Department Assistant

What attracted me to join GBL was not only the group’s differentiated positioning as a long-term investor throughout Europe, but also the high-caliber talent supporting these investments. In addition to working on both listed and private assets, I am actively involved in sharing GBL’s purpose and values with potential recruits and identifying new talent.

Xavier Magnus
Investment Associate

As the Head of Corporate Finance at one of Europe's largest listed and highest-rated investment holding companies, I regularly have the opportunity to take on new challenges. I appreciate an empowering level of autonomy while also having access to experts and other resources that foster continuous learning and best practices.

Sophie Gallaire
Head of Corporate Finance